What makes a great portrait? I give you the essentials in this digital drawing demo.

The new Artrage 6 drawing and painting software was just released earlier this week. It's got a really useful new brush creator to help facilitate making brushes that look and feel the way you want them to. This was done from photo reference shot by a wonderful photographer Theresa Holden. Make sure to check her work out on Instagram: @theresaholden

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Easy Way To Draw The Planes of the Head For Beginners

This new version of the front planes of the head for beginners is an answer to my more advanced front planes drawing video that I released a while back. You can watch it here:  This new straight forward simplified method gets you just what you need to get started drawing solid-looking portraits. Of course there is more work to be done, but without this foundational skill you could end up spinning your wheels for a long time.

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Art, Anxiety and Perfectionism

This video is a "twofer". Ever have anxiety when first beginning a drawing or even at the end when you are trying to finish? Tune in to my Youtube channel @ Draw Juice where I discuss my experience with anxiety and perfectionism and how I’ve dealt with it. I will ALSO demo Artrage 6 in the process. It's got the look and feel I need when trying to reproduce traditional media in the digital space.

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Draw the face with shapes for beginners

In this video I show you an easier way to start drawing your portraits if you are a beginner and have trouble with blocking in your drawing. This approach focuses on shapes for the initial block-in rather than planes. Tip: when you trace over your reference photo you can do it in pencil or ball point pen, or you can trace over it in Photoshop, it's your call. Let me know if it helps!

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Sided Head Pastel Demo | with a splash of color :)

In this short video from my portrait drawing course I show how to begin a portrait drawing with a very strong design using a simple triangle shape.

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COVID LOCKDOWN | Portrait Drawing Master Copy | John Singer Sargent

Keep on creating and grow your skillset even though you may be facing a lockdown due to the Corona virus. I'm in the same boat with you guys!

It's during times like these that we can see and experience the power of art to touch and transform lives and lift our spirits all around the world! In this demo, I reproduce a drawing by John Singer Sargent digitally, and I try to see if ArtRage 6 painting software is up to the task!

Watch this demo and try it for yourself. Make a video of your process and post it to YouTube and use hashtag #MasterCopy so I can find it along with the rest of the community (and world).

Stay awesome and keep on creating!!


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How to get a likeness with your portrait drawing part 1

To help my students in my online course Mastering the art of the portrait I took a poll and found their most common pain points.

Getting a likeness was the #1 struggle they had by far. In this first of three foundational videos I give 7 clean and attainable steps to take to make it easier to get a likeness, one of the harder things to achieve with portraiture.

I want to share with YOU my personal favorite tools that I love drawing with to help you get started. Links for each tool online included! Find the FREE LIST here:

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