Mastering the ART of the Portrait


Learn the Simple System to Drawing Realistic Portraits Faster

Let's get ONE thing straight...

Drawing the human face is fun but it's not so easy. Nothing we really want to do is.

Early on in my own journey I remember copying from photos or from one of my favorite illustrators putting lots of time and energy into a portrait only to discover (after it was too late) that the whole drawing had gone very wrong.

I remember the pain and frustration it caused me because I didn't know how it went off course or how to save it from ending up in the trash.

What was even worse was trying to draw from imagination–that was a total disaster, and I lived in fear of anyone seeing any of those drawings because then my biggest secret would be exposed: I was a terrible artist, and I didn't have the chops to make a "good" drawing. 


What if there was a simple 7–step process that allowed you to draw the face from any angle, believably in the style you choose, both from observation and imagination, and apply it to your career as well as your personal vision and expression?

Hi my name is Chris Petrocchi

I have been drawing and painting as a professional in the entertainment field both here in America and abroad in China as an animator and director for clients like MTV, HBO, and Nike. I have also worked as both an in house and freelance concept artist for various studios like Electronic Arts, Sony Online, Blizzard, Activision and more. I've taught portraiture and figure drawing to thousands of students online and at several major universities in Northern California. All the while I continued to draw and paint portraits which I LOVE to do. It's my passion, so much so I wrote a book about it called "Essence: discovering the art of the portrait". That's over 25 years of my life, and it has been great living my dream.

I remember it so clearly though when it all came crashing down. That moment in my mind when I lost all hope and believed my art career was over. That was tough. You see…a few years back I went through the devastating experience of being blinded in one eye, for ever, because of a rare condition called NION. That hit me too close to the bone. As I was reeling from disbelief this one thought crowded my mind: how could this condition rob me of my lively hood by taking away the very thing I needed to do it, my eye sight? It almost did just that.

But I didn't give up. It was do or die.

There was a  glimmer of hope, however small, from somewhere inside me, and I knew that maybe I just needed time. Time to learn how to cope with it, time to learn how to work around it. From that point on I would know that I was not someone who gave up so easily. I was not a quitter. I all I needed was courage, prayers and a little support from friends and loved ones.

I needed some knowledge and lots of practice too. Over the course of a year I worked up the courage to get back in the studio that I had just started renting. The first few visits were tenuous: I was scared because I was wasn't sure if I picked up a pencil if could even draw anymore. It was bad.

It was during that challenging time of facing my fears and working hard to regain my skills that I developed a framework that helped me climb out of the dark pit of despair and get my drawing skills back on track

I call this framework SCAF(F)OLD. It's really a mindset that that guides you through the drawing process stands for: 


This SCAF(F)OLD framework is proven and tested by me. It got me out of that place where I didn't know if I could ever draw again and losing my career, to being able to gain the confidence to draw again professionally AND draw better than ever.

My SCAF(F)OLD approach is designed to help you use as leverage to climb up and out of any portrait drawing obstacles or anxieties you may find yourself faced with. It's a practical, step-by-step way that is rooted in the First Principles method of solving problems used for centuries by the likes of Aristotle, Johannes Gutenberg and Elon Musk (Tesla).

If you are just starting out drawing portraits this will help you start fast. If you are already an artist with some experience this is how you grow your skillset to continue your artistic visions or professional career.


Here is some of what you'll get with my

easy to follow portrait drawing system...

Module 1: See like an artist

In this module you will discover the first big obstacle facing any artist occurs at the level of interpreting what it is we see. The second big obstacle for the beginning drawer is related to value.

You will overcome these things by:

  • understanding how the brain interferes with seeing like an artist and countering that with the simple secret of squinting and comparing
  • learning to make crucial value distinctions that make your drawing go way faster
  • begin perceiving the simple black and white puzzle pieces that interlock to make a picture

...and more


Creating solid, believable drawings look alive comes from setting your drawing up well at the beginning.


You'l do this by:

  • constructing from the inside out
  • using the general to specific method
  • mastering the planes and rhythms of the head

and more...

Module 3: ACTION

In this module you will discover the gestures that make up the head and how this concept will:

  • give your drawings life and structure
  • empower you to draw much faster than before by using two powerful design ideas
  • enable you to make good clear drawing statements that keep the attention of your viewers

  • design and redesign on the fly

...and more

Module 4: FORM

In this module you will discover: 

  • turn 2D shapes into 3D forms
  • how to construct in a solid foundation and the simple forms you need to know
  • the distinction between form and structure that keeps your drawings looking integrated and whole
  • become a sculpting drawer

...and more

Module 5: the FEATURES

In this module you'll get to:

  • analyze the anatomy and structure of the eyes, mouth, nose and ears
  • Understand the relationship between structure and form
  • use repetitive, focused training on each feature in 5 different positions to lock in the gains you make

...and more


Establishing the goals leading to your desired destination is key to making progress and achieving results. 

In this module you will discover:

  • learn how to set SMART goals that keep you on track and get you results quickly
  • use the First Principles method, the secret to getting better faster the pros use 
  • explore motivations for drawing portraits, back story, character and other ideas that make your portraits stand out

...and more


Orchestrate your portrait so all the elements come together in a compelling way to delight and entertain yourself and your viewers. 

In this module you will discover:

  • 7 portrait lighting set ups for emotional impact
  • create a focus with framing
  • composing all the elements to create movement, interest and "layers of revelation" for the viewer
  • how to draw hair

...and more


In this module you will get to:

  • techniques for drawing hair
  • rendering skin and various textures
  • style and how to develop it
  • explode several drawing myths

...and much more

What people are saying about the course...

I regard myself as an exceptionally unexceptional draftsman but can already sense some improvement in the way I'm tackling portraits. You're getting a LOT of information from a guy who knows what he's doing. And the demos - from blank sheet of paper to finished, fully rendered drawing - are both highly informative and inspirational. I'm not sure you can ask for more than that from any instructor. This course is a keeper!  Many Thanks, Mr P for putting this together.

– Sam P.

Chris is a very approachable teacher, which can be hard to find. Chris pushed me outside my comfort zone, and taught me new techniques I still use professionally. I was pretty set with my process; Chris taught me a new approach that saved me time and effort without sacrificing quality. It was always clear that if you really wanted to learn, he really wanted to teach you.

– Josh T.

An Excellent Course. I was Impressed by Chris's Level of Knowledge, Experience and Expertise. This course has differently give me knowledge that will help me improve my work and help me integrate into work with Charcoal.

– Dotty M.

When you sign up for the course you'll also get THREE awesome bonuses!


 In depth portrait demonstration on the Front Planes of the Face

Features and benefits

  • Crucial training you can't do without that simplifies and blends both planes and rhythms of the head making the block in process much easier
  • Shows and communicates the powerful idea of building your drawing so it has maximum impact on the page
  • Emphasizes connection and integration of all the parts to convey believability
  • Insightful ideas on how to draw each feature of the face with a clear and simple concepts that help you remember everything



My 144 page portrait drawing Ebook "Essence: discovering the ART of the Portrait" 

Features and benefits

  • This beautiful 144 color page ebook displays charcoal portraits, figure drawing and digital art done over my career
  • Insightful step-by-step instruction on my charcoal portrait drawing process
  • My life in China and the crucial lessons I learned as a professional artist overseas
  • The personal stories behind each drawing
  • A section on how I think about creativity, the creative process and using your drawings as a launching pad to exploration
  • Digital character designs and illustrations for clients and personal work


The Battle For Creativity Workbook

Features and benefits

  • Everyone of us faces many obstacles when it comes to making art. This 45 page ebook provides clear cut actionable guidance for the struggling artist
  • Helps clearly identify obstacles that continually get in the way of the creative process
  • Identifies clear tools and strategies for over coming any obstacle getting in your way
...and so much more. This is a MUST READ for all artists

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5 In-Depth Modules

45+ Step-By-Step Dynamic Instructional Videos

18 Hours of Video Content

22 Downloadable Exercises and Reference Sheets

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Actionable Homework Assignments That Save Time and Get You Moving

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8 In-Depth Modules

45+ Step-By-Step Dynamic Instructional Videos

18 Hours of Video Content

22 Downloadable Exercises and Reference Sheets

Lifetime Access to Lessons and Community

Actionable Homework Assignments That Save Time and Get You Moving

Guaranteed: Your Best Portfolio Piece

6 Weekly LIVE Feedback & Mentoring with Chris Petrocchi

1x Hour Long Strategy & Portfolio Review

Exclusive BONUS Content



8 In-Depth Modules

45+ Step-By-Step Dynamic Instructional Videos

18 Hours of Video Content

22 Downloadable Exercises and Reference Sheets

Lifetime Access to Lessons and Community

Actionable Homework Assignments That Save Time and Get You Moving

Guaranteed: Your Best Portfolio Piece

10 Weekly LIVE Feedback & Mentoring with Chris Petrocchi

1x Hour Long Strategy & Portfolio Review

Exclusive BONUS Content

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